A name symbolizing distinction through beauty

Distinction born from within and beauty that shines to show the world your true self―bringing out the best in both.
This decoration is a symbol of distinction.
Our desire to share true beauty with everyone is reflected in our name, DECORTÉ.

Beauty, and the confidence that comes with it―the joy of living. These are badges of honor that illuminate our lives. DECORTÉ was originally named COSME DECORTE, a fusion of “cosmétique” and “décoration” (decoration or medal) that encapsulates our mission to bring honor through beauty to all by providing the highest quality.

The logo on our debut products in 1970 featured a simplified, modern design that reflected the era of its creation.
As we marked our 20th anniversary, we adopted a sophisticated design reflecting a more neoclassical approach with a sense of dignity and modernity.

In 2015, 45 years after our founding, we changed our logo from COSME DECORTE to the name by which we had become known, DECORTÉ. Through this simplified, impactful design, we aimed to create a memorable impression, expanding our recognition and appeal on the world stage.

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