Embrace your true beauty.

Undeniable elegance born
from uncompromising Japanese craftsmanship

Pursuing outstanding beauty throughout our proud history as a cosmetics maker,
our work epitomizes Kihin, undeniable elegance that lies at the heart of beauty.
This distinction is reflected in the name DECORTÉ - derived from décoration, or honor.

Appreciating the essence of beauty, engaging the senses,
demonstrating care and consideration. These values embody the spirit of Kihin.
We build an understanding with each person who takes on this elegance and find what they need to embrace their true beauty.

DECORTÉ was founded by Kozaburo Kobayashi,
a visionary with a passion for creating extraordinary beauty products.
Our affective engineering technology emphasizes superior absorption,
sensory pleasure and vibrant beauty.
Our remarkable results are the culmination of cutting-edge dermatological research incorporating regenerative medicine.
Having the courage to innovate informs everything we do.

The secret to our success lies in a harmony between art and science,
tradition and innovation, our customers and our staff.
When these elements come together, we deliver the true essence of holistic beauty.

DECORTÉ’s products are the ultimate merging of pleasure and results.
Scents, textures, and skin care benefits come together
in an unforgettable moment that stimulates the senses.
Within this moment lies our promise: a beauty that empowers all who embrace it.

Our mission is to provide everyone with limitless resplendence,
releasing their distinctive beauty.
Constantly innovating, DECORTÉ is committed to
moving forward with distinction and realizing true beauty for all.

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