DECORTÉ always leads the way

DECORTÉ has produced a number of industry firsts,
such as liquid foundation for summer.
A culture that fosters craftsmanship is the cornerstone of our identity.

Since our foundation in 1970, DECORTÉ has consistenatly produced revolutionary products, opening up new possibilities for the cosmetics industry. Our industry firsts include liquid foundation for summer and two-way foundation for both wet and dry use.

  • 1970Release of 20-karat gold pressed powder
    compact to mark DECORTÉ’s debut
  • 1973Release of Marée liquid foundation,
    the first summer liquid foundation
    in the industry not to require water
  • 1978Release of DECORTÉ Charmana,
    the industry’s first two-way foundation
    for both dry and wet use
  • 1986Release of DUMOLLE,
    the first time phospholipid biomimetic
    ingredients had been used as an emulsifier
  • 1992Release of Moisture Liposome,
    the industry’s first liposomal serum
  • 1997Release of DECORTÉ White-Science
    Fresh Concentrate, the industry’s
    first powder serum (with hydrous powder)

This great capacity to produce industry-leading products was built upon the discerning use of painstakingly-researched raw materials. Since our founding, we have continued to make the most of new materials. Released in 1974, ART DECORTÉ was at the forefront in the incorporation of Chinese herbal medicine and included an Asian ginseng extract called epicholestanol as a common beauty essence ingredient. In 1981, Ennoble built on cutting-edge anti-aging theory, while the release of DUMOLLE in 1986 marked the first time that phospholipid biomimetic ingredients had been used as an emulsifier. WRINKLE LOGIST contained astaxanthin and was released in 2005. DECORTÉ has always led the way with a history of innovation.

The evolution of products is permitted only when we are certain that they completely surpass previous products in terms of their theoretical basis, technology and quality. At DECORTÉ, we have a multitude of products and series that have been nurtured and beloved over many years, such as Moisture Liposome and AQ. That's why we have many customers from all over the world who have been fans of the brand for so long. Valuing each and every one of them, we understand that their next product must offer quality surpassing that which has come before. It means delivering new value that goes beyond their expectations. Theory, technology and quality must all surpass what has come before in order to evolve our products. All of us at DECORTÉ carry this mission with us every day.

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